Safety and cleaning

The majority of miniatures we print are printed in high quality resin. Resin, in its liquid state, is toxic to humans. For this reason, we cure our models and triple wash them in a 90% alcohol solution. 

This being said, sometimes we will have customers report models that are sticky or otherwise seem to have excess resin material on them. Although this shouldn't happen due to our curing and cleaning process, occasionally conditions during shipping, such as when the package is left in a hot environment, can draw amounts of resin that did not cure to the surface of the miniature.

Thankfully this is easy to take care of. Below are listed cleaning instructions for resin miniatures. please always wear nitrile or nitrite gloves, as latex and vynil will be broken down by resin.

Safety and cleaning instructions for resin printed miniatures.

Items needed:

Nitrile or nitrite gloves

2 plastic bowls (we recommend larger bowls)

A strainer

70-90% alcohol

A flat tray

1. Fill one of these bowls with rubbing alcohol, either 70% or 90%, to about the halfway point. Fill the other bowl with warm water. Have your flat tray in arms reach.

Wearing nitrile gloves, dunk the models into the alcohol bath. Preferably into a strainer set in the alcohol bath. Lift the strainer up and down to agitate the models in the alcohol. Do this for approximately 30 seconds to a minute.

2. Transfer the models to the water bath. In this water bath if there are any supports left on the models you should be able to brush them off with your fingers or otherwise manipulate them out of the supports with your fingers. Again wear those nitrile gloves while doing this.

3. Once rinsed in the warm water place the models on your flat sheet. I use a baking tray but that's just me.

4. Optional step: place your trays outside in the sun for 10 minutes. This is just to make sure any remaining resin is cured. It's more of a just in case maneuver. If the day is overcast, allow for double the regular time frame.